Joey D has years of experince and has dealt with every possible situation so he is ready for anything.  His career started In the early 90's when he got a job at the local mall for some summer spending money.  On his first day,at break time, he wandered the mall, saw a magic shop, and walked in.   Although he had played with some magic kits as a child, Joey had never seen a real magician, up close.  The kind gentleman showed Joe some amazing tricks and Joe took it from there.  He threw himself into the artistry of magic and blew all his summer spending money on magic books!  After a few years of practice, Joe got a job working at the magic shop.  There, he was able to learn and share ideas with hundreds of other magic enthusiasts.   His talent grew exponentially during those beginning years.

       Once he started working at the magic shop, people starting asking Joe to perform at all kinds of events.  In 1994 Joe put together two 20 minute shows (one for birthdays and one for corporate events) and started marketing his shows.  What a learning experience!  Joe learned he had to adapt to each set of performing circumstances because every group was different.   His amazing magic and unique style comes from years of audience tested performing.   Now Joe customizes his performances to fit the audience he is performing for.  Half magician, half comedian, and entirely entertaining Joey D is sure to put a smile on even the gloomiest of faces. 

A MA magician and some CT balloon twisters have taught Joey D some great magic tricks and balloon animals that will create a great event for you.   If you are looking for a children's magician or a balloon artist, consider Joey D for your next event.

Joey D performs close up magic shows, delivers great Halloween entertainment with a saftey message, and has some awesome family Christmas entertainment that will get everybody excited at your event.  If you are looking for a ny magician, find out if Joey D is right for your event.