You can buy Joey D's favorite magic tricks and souvenirs from the show

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Magic Tricks for Kids

Joey D's Amazing 2 Card Trick- This is the trick that Joey D 
shows to people when he only has a second to impress them. 
This is very easy to do and comes with the special cards and
printed instructions PLUS an online video lesson to teach you
how to use this cool magic trick to fool your friends and family.


Joey D's Jumping Wand- This wand does 5 tricks in one.  The
best seller at Joey D's shows.  All the kids want to be a
magician and do a cool trick with this gimmicked wand.  This
easy trick comes complete with instructions. 

Joey D's Appearing Magic Wand- This magic wand appears 
from thin air. Special prop wand does all the work. 

Joey D's Coin Vanishing Case- This special case can make a 
coin disappear. Very Easy to do. 

Magic Coin Bank Illusion- Save your money with this trick bank. 
Put your money inside and it vanishes.  Don't worry, there's a
mirror that makes it look like the coins vanish.  They are actually
safe inside the bank and you can get the money out anytime you
want.  Very cool.


Joey D's Wizard Hat souvenir- Now you can look like a magician too!                     

Joey D's "AbraKIDabra Amazing Activity Book"- This is a super fun
activity and coloring book with 14 pages crammed full of all kinds
of amazing activities, puzzles, coloring pages and magic tricks you
can do!


Joey D's Complete Young Magician's Magic Set- So you want to
learn a bunch of magic tricks.  This magic kit comes with all the 
all the props and directions for over a dozen tricks.  


"Top Tip To a Successful Birthday Party"
Booklet by Joseph DiDonna                       

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